Hello everyone, my name is Kevin and I am very excited to be a part of this class! When out and about, I constantly find myself wondering what species of plants I am looking at and often try to use apps to help me ID things with various degrees of success. This class will be of great use to me in my personal life and hopefully career wise as well.

I am a senior studying Environmental Science in the School of Environment and Natural Resources with a specialization in Ecosystem Restoration. Long term, I want to get involved in conservation. Towards that goal, I was supposed to go out to the prairie potholes region of South Dakota this summer for an internship with the Fish and Wildlife service to work on conserving the habitat for the migratory waterfowl and shorebirds. Alas, Covid had other ideas for how I would spend my summer.

My favorite plant is also my first plant: the Peace Lily my grandfather gave to me before he passed. In addition, I am a tree lover and hope to one day own land where I can plant lots of trees of my own. I would also love to have my own garden one day. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve gardening with my grandparents and being rewarded with the fruits (and vegetables!) of our labor.

Explaining my coat of arms: I decided to go with a traditional Celtic coat of arms design because of my ancestral heritage. I wanted to go with something more ornate like I saw images of on Google, but I was pretty limited by my artistic abilities unfortunately. The tree symbolizes my affinity for nature, Ohio is for where I grew up and call home, and the (poorly drawn) soccer ball is for my first true love.

Thanks for reading!