Hello, my name is Noah, I’m a fifth-year student at Ohio State University studying forestry and wildlife management (FFW) in the School of Environment and Natural Resources.  I’ve taken many forestry courses, but none that focused specifically on botany so I believe that this course will be helpful in rounding out my knowledge on plants.

Although very interested in plants and the environment, I am still unsure what specifically to do after graduation.  This is kind of concerning because this is the very last course I need to complete before I graduate.  I have been looking at federal and state positions, but I think I would prefer to stay in Ohio.  This is why I have been leaning towards graduate school, specifically looking at dental schools in Ohio.  While I know this doesn’t have much to do with my undergraduate degree, the biology and chemistry prerequisites are quite similar.  Besides, teeth and plants both have roots, so how different can they be?

My coat of arms (pictured below) represents my personality the best I could illustrate in a short amount of time.  In the upper right is a drawing of a leaf from a honey locust, which is my favorite tree.  I wrote “That’s Life” in the upper left, a phrase I say often, usually whenever something unfortunate happens.  I believe it came from the Frank Sinatra song of the same name.  In the lower sections I simply wrote my hometown (left) of Solon, Ohio which is just outside of Cleveland, and my major (right), stated above.